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Все хорошо, почему ты спрашиваешь?

My name is Adam, and I'm the person whose website you're viewing right now. I have profiles in a variety of exciting other places if you're into that. If you're interested in my professional activities you can check out my CV.

Silly little things I wrote

Occasionally I write about things, mostly software. This is where I post things when I do.

28 NOV 2022

Business Value Isn't Real, Only Vibes Can Be Trusted

You shouldn't just work better, you should work on better things - but how do we decide which things are more good?

26 AUG 2022

Using Indego Robot Mowers from Homey

Calling an HTTP API with HomeyScript

12 AUG 2022

Literate Programming with Org Mode 🦄

Using org-mode to generate code from documentation

01 AUG 2021

A Rusty Web Service 🦀

Setting up a small web service using Rust, Postgres, and Kafka

28 FEB 2019

Choose Your Own Representation

HTTP APIs can adjust their responses to better suit the needs of their clients

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Weird little things I made

Sometimes I make small utilities outside of my day job, they might even be useful some of the time...

A "cheap" key light

Want better lighting on video calls but don't have fancy lights? If you have a second monitor, open this page there for extremely high quality white light 😉


Emacs Giphy

A small function for Emacs that generates a markdown snippet for a gif from Giphy based on a keyword

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