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My name is Adam, and I work as a software developer at Storytel

I make tweets on Twitter and code on Github

Sometimes I write lots of words about things

28 FEB 2019

Choose Your Own Representation

HTTP APIs can adjust their responses to better suit the needs of their clients

29 NOV 2016

Refactoring Factories

Sometimes patterns with goofy names get overused, and we need to apply a refactoring with a goofy name to get rid of them.

21 JAN 2016

F# and C# being bros

C# is nice and all, but sometimes you want to add a bit of F# spice to your life. Lucky for you, they get along just swell!

11 OCT 2015

How do I even git?

Git is a cool system, but not if you suck at using it. Read this handy guide on how to do stuff in git, and then you won't suck at it - yay!